Yummy Cupcake My Candy Love: Reaction to Lysander: Episode 4 - 5 (Spoilers Ahead!)

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Reaction to Lysander: Episode 4 - 5 (Spoilers Ahead!)

So I passed episode 4 a week ago and I have some things to comment about how I reacted throughout my different interactions with this wonderful man called Lysander.

So I was seeing pictures of this guy called Lysander, but didn't really pay attention that much. I just looked at him and said, "Wow, he's hot." And that was it. But for some reason I completely lost it when I played episode 4 and saw him close to the end. Once the words "Hello, pleased to make your acquaintance" came out, I was absolutely enchanted. So I just sat there, petrifyed with my mouth hanging open. My cousin gave me a weird look when he heard me trying to keep in a squeal and asked if I was okay and then having the audacity to tell me I'm crazy!

The nerve!

Anyways, so he was like:

And I was like:

Then Castiel comes back for the date and I'm all like:

I literally just wished that Ly would take me on a date instead! Because I was all like...

...when Cas came back.

I was surprised because I was all over Castiel and then this other guy comes in and I'm like:
Holy shit indeed

(Haha. Turning this into tumblr is actually kinda fun)

I was really shocked that I even thought that. Then episode 5 started and I was really excited to talk with this new character. I check my affinity with him since I'm almost done with ep 5 (curse you aps) and I realize my affinity with him went from 0 - 40! That was fast even for me!

Right now I'm a little confused as to who I should choose. Guess I'll wait a while and see what happens :3

P.S: I feel slightly disappointed since my affinity with Castiel went from 100 - 69 in only two episodes...


  1. this is harilous and i love Lysander. but i also like his brother so i'm thinking that if i break up leigh and his girlfreind lysander will like me less. i reaked my mom out when i started laughing/sobbing becasue it's so ahrd to choose. They put to many hot guys in this game and i wish my computer screen would become a vortex and suck me into the game.

  2. Gash! I like castiel from the beggining too but hes jyst too difficult to please, i did so many replays trying to get dates with him. 1. Castiel let.me get slapped by Amber in ep5.
    2. When I got caught by the princip le he showed up and my affinity went from good to -50.
    3. I baught expensive guitar strings for him my affinity did not increase at all!
    Plus I had to be mean to poor Ly and Nat trying to get a date with Cas, still didnt work...
    So i dont want to give up on him... But Lysander is just starting to look more gorgeous these days. Its not hard to get my affinity up with him, and he rescued me from Amber. And when he smiles... WHDJFFH$&@DHDHD!8+1+94!!!!
    So yeah... I dont know who I want...

  3. I am definitely a Lysander fan. The weird thing is I was never into Nathaniel, Castiel, or Ken (or even.. well Boris?. However, I was a huge fan of Jade, he was perfect!! But he's never coming back (I am highly disappointed) :/

    Anyways, I am fallign for Lysander and i've only seen him once in Episode 4 and I don't have the APs to continue. I got my friends into it too xD

  4. :D
    I still love castiel and all BUT " LYSANDER IM COMING FOR YOU!! :) "