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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Lysander and Castiel Full Body Cutouts and Info on Upcoming Characters and Illustrations

I was silently looking through Castiel's fanclub on My Candy Love (the most popular one btw) and I came across this photo of the two best friends. Not on my computer screen as they usually are. No, no, no. They're actually human-sized cutouts of the two hottest guys on MCL! This is the picture I got.

They look really tall
Ah, I wish I had them! But I have no idea where to get one...

I also want to share some stuff I found on the new guys/girls that are coming to MCL. So continue reading and you'll learn more about them. (Updates will be done once new information is released)

SPOILERS AHEAD!!! You have been warned.

Reaction to Lysander: Episode 4 - 5 (Spoilers Ahead!)

So I passed episode 4 a week ago and I have some things to comment about how I reacted throughout my different interactions with this wonderful man called Lysander.

Monday, 9 July 2012

My Candy Love Getting a TV Show?! (Update)

Apparently, due to the game's popularity, it'll be getting a tv show, with the pilot episode already under development!

My Candy Love - Episode 9 is Available in English

After months of waiting, episode 9 is available for the English ver. In this post I'll be running through the different features for this episode and - ta da! The new hottie! SPOILER ALERT!!!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Character Profiles Part 1 (Updated)

This is an introduction to the characters of My Candy Love.

My Candy Love Episode 1 Guidelines: How to talk to Castiel

Hi, this is Mana. I'm finally settled down and thought I'd make a blog about My Candy Love, the best game EVER!! In this game my favourite guy is Castiel (so irresistible! Kyaa! *nosebleed*). So today I'll be doing a tutorial on how to get your love meter through the roof.